Customer Experience



I've worked with and for Kellie, and found her to be a caring and driven professional who thrives on her communications skills to rally employees with varied interests into a common goal. I'd have great faith in Kellie taking over any unorganized, chaotic, multi-department business situation and quickly having it purring like a fine-tuned engine. Perhaps the best is she manages all with a keen eye on the customer experience. It's for these reasons I highly recommend her!

Tom Cox, Director of Training
Ferno Washington

Customer Experience

Customer experience is the totality of how customers engage with your company and brand, not just in one singular instance, but throughout the entire experience of being a customer. Then translated most importantly to how that experience translates to loss, retention and growth.

Through Voice of the Customer, Net Promoter Score, surveys, online forums and other mediums, we can benchmark your customers’ experiences and gain valuable insight for retention and growth through new product development and service programs.