M&A Support/Integration



Kellie and I worked together at Contech during a period of exciting growth. She's a highly competent, well organized and bright marketing/business development professional. She played a critical part in assimilating new acquisitions into our organization while introducing new products to the market. Her strengths are many and include credibility, work ethic, project management and leadership skills.

Hugh Mickel, P.E., Director
Reline Technologies at Contech Engineered Solutions

M&A Support/Integration

With so many organizations undergoing mergers and acquisitions as part of their overall growth strategy, knowing how to handle these transitions smoothly is a critical component of long-term viability.

How will the new entities change (or need to change) regarding marketing of product and services, differentiators, clients and competition? Will your new organization occupy the same space in the competitive landscape and serve the same types of customers? How will you introduce, position and promote the new organization. We can help you address these areas with a plan to leverage the new organization and prevent problems that negatively impact future efficiencies and profitability.