Public Involvement/Stakeholder Relations



Kellie launched the public awareness and comment tasks for the City of Cincinnati's work to reconstruct Fort Washington Way. This major freeway had separated the central business district from the central riverfront. The project was successfully completed in a minimal period of time and allowed the construction of two new sports stadia and a major mixed use development. That success could not have happened without the program Kellie devised that included 200 meetings with stakeholders and groups between the environmental document in 1996 and turning the first shovel of dirt in 1997. Her secret is her ability to work collaboratively with multiple groups with seemingly opposing interests to allow the project to go forward.

John Deatrick, Director
St. Mary's County Government, Department of Public Works

Public Involvement/Stakeholder Relations

Public Involvement is an integral part of the infrastructure development and construction process which helps to ensure that decisions are made in consideration of, and to benefit public needs and preferences. Early and continuous public involvement brings diverse viewpoints and values into the decision-making process.

Many organizations approach public involvement as a "box to check". But the reality is, to move economic development and public infrastructure projects forward, public involvement must be an ongoing, evolving and collaborative process carried out 'with' members of the public and your stakeholders, rather than 'to' them. We understand the difference and can help you navigate even the most complex outreach projects.